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DIRECTOR: Eduard Cortés

Spanish (No Subtitles-93 minutes)


Musical about the evictions in Spain in connection with the economic crisis. After failing to pay for their home a young married couple with a daughter of 10 must move to live with her parents only to discover that this house too is to be seized by the bank. (FILMAFFINITY).

“Currently, between 800,000 and 1,000,000 homes are owned by financial institutions in Spain. It is the EU Country with the most empty apartments-three and a half million in total.

“Each day in Spain there are, on average, 66 evictions.”

“83% of those evicted have no alternative housing or somewhere to reside after losing their home.”


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One Response to CERCA DE TU CASA

  1. Joan says:

    Acab de veure “Cerca de tu casa”. El millor que puc dir de la pel·lícula és que m’ha fet reflexionar sobre el tema quan creia que ja hi havia pensat prou. El film, d’acord amb els seus principis, està plantejat formalment amb la mateixa valentia i el mateix risc amb què s’enfronta al tema. Us el recoman molt.