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DIRECTOR: Anne Fontaine

FRENCH (100 minutes) 

Jerusalem Film Festival 2016: Best Film


It tells the true story of pregnant Polish nuns after being raped by Russian troops after the end of World War II. August 1945. A monastery near Warsaw (Poland) houses a dark secret. Mathilde Beaulieu is a young doctor sent by the Red Cross in order to ensure the repatriation of wounded French prisoners on the border between Germany and Poland. But the surprise arrives when it discovers that a great part of the sisters of the convent are pregnant by soldiers of the Red Army. Although Mathilde is inexperienced, she must learn to take this unusual situation forward and help the sisters. (FILMAFFINITY).


“The fact that ‘The Innocent’ is based on real events only increases the interest in the story. Fontaine is luckily more sober, which increases and extends the feeling of anguish.” (Pablo O. Scholz: Diario Clarín).

“Fontaine rigorously opts for a photograph of cold and opaque tones to visually support a story that never falls into the temptation of the preciousness of historical reconstruction or servile delivery to good intentions.” (Diego  Brodersen: Diario Página 12).


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