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DIRECTOR: Paolo Virzì

VOSE ITALIAN (111 minutes) 

Valladolid Festival – Seminci 2016: Espiga de oro, Actriz y Premio del público


Beatrice (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) is a millionaire countess convinced she is among the inner circles of political world leaders.  Donatella (Micaella Ramazzotti) is young, tattooed, vulnerable and introverted, wrapped in her own halo of mystery. Both are patients of Villabiondi, a delirious psychiatric institution. (FILMAFFINITY).


“Paolo Virzi is becoming a filmmaker who emerges from Italy and transcends the lines of comedy. The construction of the script progression is almost millimetric accuracy.” (Pablo O. Scholz: Diario Clarín).

“Cinema of intensity, strong characters, and in the usual bet on Virzì’s career for not stopping, and at the same time not to generate any narrative chaos, are some of the strengths of this film.” (Roger Ebert: Chicago Sun-Times).


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