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DIRECTOR: Dalibor Matanic

VOSE CROATIAN (123 minutes) 

Cannes Film Festival 2015: Special Selection of the Jury (“Certain Regard”).


Three love stories set in Croatia over three decades. The stories are connected by the fact that the love between a Croatian man and a Serbian woman is somehow prohibited-whether its 1991, 2001 or 2011.

The first story is set just before the start of the war, and there is high tension for the two young lovers from neighboring villages. Ten years later, the war is over but it has not been forgotten. The protagonists have to face the wounds that are slow to heal. In the third story, set in 2011, there are no threats or tensions, but the doubts have not dissipated. (FILMAFFINITY).


“Matanic has a vision of his characters and creates a pristine setting for them to act in.” (Deborah Young: The Hollywood Reporter).

“A different vision of the war in Yugoslavia] (…) A great physical and moving work.” (Fernando López: Diario La Nación).


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