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YOUR NAME (“Kimi no Na wa”)


JAPANESE (106 minutes)


Best Animation en the Festival of Manichi.

Best Animation in the Festival of Sitges. 


It has been a month since a comet that visits the Earth every 1000 years is seen from Japan. Mitsuha is a student who lives in the country with his little sister, grandmother and father. He detests the customs of his home life and dreams of living in Tokyo.

One night Mitsuha dreams that he is a boy from Tokyo and the secrets hidden behind his dreams intertwine with Taki, a youth he has never met but whose lives will cross.


Entra por derecho propio en el Olimpo de la animación” The Telegraph
“Enter by own right in the Olympus of the animation” The Telegraph

“A tremendous audiovisual inventiveness”. Variety

“Beautifully and brilliantly constructed” Cinemanía

“Visually stunning and surprisingly beautiful” Time Out

“An Oscar-winning movie marvel”. Indiewire “A vertiginous, inventive and exciting romance”. Total Film


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