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DIRECTOR: Andrei Konchalovsky

German, French and Russian with Subtitles in Spanish (130 minutes)


Best Actress, Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón.

Best Director, Mostra Internacional de Cine de Venecia 2016


Olga, Jules y Helmut are three characters whose lives cross in the devastation of the Second World War. Olga, a Russian aristocrat and member of the resistance; Jules a French lover turned into a corrupt and ruthless Nazi; and Helmut, member of a high German family and an officer in the SS. In the devastation of war each character will be forced to make vital decisions.


“The film runs on the screen with a strange solemnity … touching, irritating and bitterly ironic.” Luis Martínez.The World

“It is well interpreted, it is interesting at all times for what counts and how it does, and although it does not add any extra page to the history of the cinema about the holocaust … it is not a film to be dismissed.” Pablo González Taboada. Cinemanía

“Styling the horror without perverting it, more Haneke than Spielberg (…) A holocaust with white tape at the gates of the sky of Konchalovski (…) Score: ★★★★ Yago García: Cinemanía

“Self-reflexive melodrama, distant in its discursive strategies, but dense and gripping in its approach to a subject that seems impossible to put an end to.” (…) Score: ★★★★”. Frames


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