(Català) Jornada crowdfunding amb “El cosmonauta”

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STARTING ON MAY 17TH Dutch Original version with Spanish subtitles. Jojo, a lovely 10-year-old with a difficult home life marked by a volatile father & an absent mother, finds solace in an abandoned baby jackdaw. Through the special friendship he … [+]

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The last island

STARTING MAY 17TH Original Spanish version. “The Last Island” is a magical tale which tells the adventure of a 10 years old girl, Alicia., which is send by her parents to a remote island during the summer in the care … [+]

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Original French version with Spanish subtitles. Ten-year-old girl Laure has moved with her father, her little sister and her pregnant mother into a new neighborhood outside Paris where they know nobody. Because of her short hair, she decides to start … [+]

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Tango libre

STARTING ON MAY 3TH Original French version with Spanish subtitles. JC is a prison guard. He is an ordinary man with an uneventful life. His only extravagance is taking tango classes one night a week. One day, he meets a … [+]

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