poster las razones del corazón

Reasons of the heart

STARTING SEPTEMBER 14TH Original Spanish version without subtitles. Emilia is a housewife overwhelmed by the mediocrity of her life. She feels that life is passing her by. One day, the same awful day that her faraway lover leaves her, a … [+]

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El mundo es nuestro

Original Spanish version without subtitles. (SPANISH) Siguiendo los pasos del Dioni, El ‘Cabesa’ y el ‘Culebra’ deciden dar un gran golpe: atracar una sucursal bancaria y huir a Brasil. Lo que parecía que iba a ser un trabajo sencillo, se … [+]

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Poster Elena


STARTING SEPTEMBER 7TH Original Russian version with Spanish subtitles. Elena and Vladimir are an older couple. Vladimir is a wealthy and cold man, Elena comes from a modest milieu and is a docile wife. They have met late in life … [+]

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STARTING SEPTEMBER 7TH Original french version with spanish subtitles. Paris, today. A child and his young mother sleep on the streets. Their drifting leads them to Versailles. In the woods near the palace, a man lives in a hut, cut … [+]

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Madrid, 1987

Original Version in Spanish with no subtitles Two characters: old and young, teacher and pupil, man and woman. Four walls within which they conjure intellectualisme relive the profession, journalism, explore politics and discover each other > ORIGINAL TITLE Madrid, 1987 … [+]

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