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Some time ago –as many years as CineCiutat has been around- we realized that going to the movies was much more than sitting in a chair to watch a movie.

Entering the CineCiutat universe is to live an experience, it is to test, it is to offer, it is to live. We are film and art, culture and avant-garde, we are past and present but especially future.

CineCiutat is a huge mixed bag where anything can happen: movie screens become theaters, seating areas that become karaoke bars, movie theaters converted into auditoriums and stages or film festivals like KontraBando Film Festival, International Evolution Film Festival and Certamen de Cortos de Port Adriano.

Culture, that great coat that envelops everything, ALWAYS has a place in our domains.

National Theatre Live: Frankestein
Hace 200 años Mary Shelley le daba vida a una de las criaturas más emblemáticas de la literatura mundial. Por eso, el próximo 22 de noviembre, celebraremos los dos siglos de vida ...
Taller Star Wars Lego WeDo
Sábado 24 de noviembre de 10 a 14h celebraremos un taller muy especial y los más pequeños disfrutarán a la vez que aprenden.