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There are people celebrating football world cups, weddings, divorces, goodbyes, turning thirty, births, anniversaries, first kisses and last sighs. Us, (mis) understood volunteers, celebrate being part of a cinema.

We don’t want to fool you, many fall by the wayside. Many try and fail. Many remain powerless and give in to the siren song of normality.Others, however, without knowing how or why continue and we do so until we realize that that time has come in which we are lost, the time in which there is no turning back, that moment in which the cinema virus is already rampant and makes fun of our defenses which are lying in the sun, enthralled with the idea of being part of the CineCiutat family.

We strive to call ourselves volunteers but in reality, we’re workers bearing love and art as flag, of all those multiplying the hours of the day and splitting sleeping hours, of those who know that no matter how fast they run, how well they hide or far they go, there will always be a part of us that will be a volunteer in cinema.

Educational Committee, Cinefilms, events, communications, laboratory of ideas, programming, do you think your time, your ideas and your desire could contribute to any of them?

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