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CineCiutatKids: Arthur Christmas
CineCiutatKids: Arthur Christmas
12 December 2020

With Christmas getting closer and closer, CineCiutatKids does not forget the little ones and we have prepared a projection of the most Christmasy for them so that they can warm up for these holidays, we know how excited they are about them. 

It could only be with Arthur Christmas: 

Santa Claus believes that his reign is coming to an end and that retirement is near. He trusts that his son Steven, who is very efficient and responsible, although not very cheerful, is ready to take over immediately. However, that Christmas a problem arises: one of the 600 million children who had to be visited is left without her gift. 

The screening will be on the weekend of December 11-12 with a morning session Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Tickets, as always, at € 4 and you can book them at the following link.

And, as always, in our educational pursuit, the screening will be in the original English version with Spanish subtitles. 

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