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Cinema heals: we are still open.
Cinema heals: we are still open.
13 January 2021

Cinema heals. It makes us more open minded. More curious. More tolerant. More sensitive. Betetr. It is a passion capable of giving us wings and shelter, shelter and some peace in these troubled times. Cinema manages to make us forget and many times to remember. Cinema educates.

Our cinema doesn't just talk about movies. But of commitment, of the fight, of the neighborhood and of faith. Our cinema talks about altruism and teamwork, empathy and the unstoppable strength of people. For this reason, CineCiutat does not turn off projectors and is still here for its people.

In a city ravaged by sadness, we will always have CineCiutat. If these days you need comfort and shelter, we will be happy to make a gap between the 30% of allowed capacity. Culture, in addition to being safe, is healer.

It's being tough, but we can handle it.