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El documental del mes: Cómo robar un país
El documental del mes: Cómo robar un país
4 May 2021

In May we will change our date of the Documentary of the month to the first Tuesday of the month, because changes are always fine.

This new date premieres How to steal a country, from South African directors Rehad Desai and Mark J. Kaplan.

A group of investigative journalists uncovers a corruption case involving Jacob Zuma, who was president of the Republic of South Africa until 2018. Shortly after, the newsroom receives a disinformation campaign.

Two young people from a technology company found the evidence that exposed the modus operandi after the economic kidnapping of the state of South Africa, by private interests and with the help of some politicians.

The session will be on Tuesday 04-05 at 8:35 p.m. in V.O.S.Cat.

Tickets will cost € 5 for Ordinary and € 4 for CineCiutat members. You can reserve them in the following 

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