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El documental del mes - Oeconomía
El documental del mes - Oeconomía
27 April 2021

One of the topics that is most on everyone's lips is the economy. Uncertainty, rates, debt and ignorance make it a matter we all want to know about.

Director Carmen Losmann takes us into the world of money and its management in this documentary of the month that is Oeconomia:

In his 2011 essay called "The Making of the Indebted Man", the philosopher Maurizio Lazzarato writes: "Debt is not an impediment to growth. In fact, it represents the economic and subjective engine of the modern economy. The creation of debt , that is, the creation and development of the power relationship between creditors and debtors, has been conceived and programmed as the strategic heart of neoliberal politics. " This work focuses on what Lazzarato describes as the "strategic heart". Regardless of how transparent the architectures banks and financial institutions present about themselves, the director finds herself again and again with the doors closed when conducting her research. It is the reality of the economy, seen from another perspective.

The screening will be on Tuesday 04-27-2021 at 7:50 p.m. and the language will be in V.O.S.Cat.

Tickets will cost € 5 for Ordinary and € 4 for CineCiutat members. You can reserve them in the following