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12º Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival 2023
12º Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival 2023
12 October 2023

At CineCiutat, for all of you, from 19th to 23rd October, we will host more than 20 screenings of one of the best independent film festivals. The Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival will be held between 18th and 24th October, but one day after and one day before, our screens will show several of the films that are part of the event.

The festival's special awards will go to filmmakers Isabel Coixet and Susanne Bier and for director of photography Erik Messerschmidt.

The German-Spanish actor Daniel Brühl, known for his work in Goodbye, Lenin!, will also do it. Also, he is especially recognized for playing the F1 pilot Niki Lauda in Rush. The actor has a role as well in The Movie Teller, the film that will close this edition of the contest and whose director is Lone Scherfig, known for Italian for Beginners and winner of the 2022 festival.

For his part, Erik Masserschmidt is known for two of the most talked-about films of the Venice Film Festival, Ferrari and The Killer.

Tickets for this 12th edition are now on sale. As we are used to, the screenings at this festival are competitive and impressive. And this is the framework in which the brightest minds of local and international cinema meet.

Here you can buy your tickets.