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Wong Kar-Wai universe
Wong Kar-Wai universe
31 January 2021

We had In the mood for love and you smashed it, we had to remove it and you were afraid, but we hope we did not give you much time to miss Wong Kar-Wai.

At CineCiutat we premiere a cycle with the Wong Kar-Wai Universe, four films, four weeks, two screenings per week.

01-31-2021 and 02-02-2021:

Chungking Express: Two independent love stories set in Hong Kong's popular tourist district of Tsimhatsui. The first describes the fleeting encounter between a young policeman in the midst of a love crisis and a mysterious fatal woman drug dealer. The second focuses on the singular romance between a lonely and simple police officer and the young waitress at the poor bar where he usually eats.

In addition, on Tuesday 02-02 we will have the presence of our precious Beatriz Pérez and Víctor Navarro, who will delight us with a discussion after the screening.

02-07-2021 and 02-09-2021:

2046: A writer who believed he was writing about the future was actually writing about the past. In his novel, a mysterious train left from time to time towards the year 2046. Everyone who got on it did so with the same purpose: to recover lost memories. It was said that in 2046 nothing changed. No one knew for sure if that was true, because none of those who traveled ever returned. With one exception. He was there. He left voluntarily. I wanted to change.

02-14-2021 and 02-16-2021:

Happy together: Lai Yiu-Kai and Ho Po-Wing have a passionate relationship. They travel from Hong Kong to Argentina, but the arrival in the new country seems to transform things and Ho suddenly abandons Lai. This one begins to work like doorman of a bar, with the only desire to gather enough money to return to his country. One day Ho reappears, but things are not the same ...

02-21-2021 and 02-23-2021:

As tears go by: Two brothers are introduced in the world of the Chinese mafias. One, the younger brother, is unable to avoid trouble due to his impetuous temperament. For his part, the older brother, falling in love, decides to leave the dark environment in which he moves, but first he will have to help his little brother again ...

Tickets will have the common price of € 7 for the ordinary and € 4 for CineCiutat members, however, we will make available a voucher for the four films that will cost € 24 for the ordinary and € 14 for CineCiutat members and that you can now come to book at the ticket office.

We wait for you!

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