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Autocine Mallorca
Autocine Mallorca
11 June 2021

You have not read the title wrong, yes, we will have a drive-in movie in Mallorca!

CineCiutat collaborates with the good people of CinemaRodat and the EMIFF to carry out this project that evokes the American cool west.

The screenings will be from 05/28 to 06/10 at the Son Güell estate: Carrer Marie Behen, 8 Palma de Mallorca, at 9:30 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased through our website and will be purchased not as individual seats, but rather one per car. When paying for the ticket, you will see that there are several options: Web, Web2, Web3 and Web4. Each of the numbers corresponds to the number of passengers that will be in the car, hence each ticket increases its price by € 10.

Let's roll!

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