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Llum i Lluna: Queer Horror Night
Llum i Lluna: Queer Horror Night
22 October 2023

No plans for Halloween? From Cicle de Cinema: Llum i Lluna have proposed a double session of horror, and we couldn't resist. Book your ticket here!

- MAMÁNTULA (Ion de Sosa, 2023): after its world premiere in San Sebastian and its premiere in Sitges, it will be the first time we'll see it in the Balearic Islands. Giallo, B-series science fiction and a couple of detectives investigating crimes in the pure X-Files style. Ion de Sosa consolidates his position as part of a generation of unclassifiable filmmakers, the kind we like to go and see because they are unpredictable. Why unpredictable? The synopsis: An extraterrestrial tarantula dressed as a human attracts men to steal their blood and semen, which she uses to weave a spider's web that returns her to her dimension.

- ¡CORTEN! (Marc Ferrer, 2021): as we are a few Argento fans here, a dose of giallo tasted like a little. But yes, we saved the laughs for last. Humor, pomposity, meta-cinema, camp and willfully imperfect cinema. Marc Ferrer himself gives life to a director who undertakes the shooting of a horror film in which the protagonists are killed shortly after shooting with him. A hilarious queer giallo featuring, among others, La Prohibida and Samantha Hudson.

Tickets on sale now. 7€ (3,5€ CineCiutat members). Buy them here.

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