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Ara que fa 20 anys: Millennium actress
Ara que fa 20 anys: Millennium actress
1 April 2021

Movement is a state of matter that implies change, which is associated with the renewal and fluidity of fresh things.

We like to see that things are in motion, that is why, from this April, we begin a new monthly cycle: Ara que fa 20 anys.

The entry into the twenties is an important moment in life, so we want to celebrate the films that turn 20 this year.

Our first twenty-year-old will be Millennium actress, by Satoshi Kon, which premiered in 2001 and which will be accompanied by a presentation with our beloved Víctor Navarro and Beatriz Pérez.

Thirty years ago, Chiyoko Fujiwara was the biggest star in Japanese cinema, but suddenly she disappeared. One of her biggest fans, documentary filmmaker Genya Tachibana, travels to the secluded mountain hut where she lives to interview her. Once there, he gives his idol of youth an old key that he found among the remains of his old study. As if the key has opened the doors of her memory, Chiyoko begins to remember the story of her life. In this way, he travels from the remote past to the distant future through a thousand years, crossing the border that separates reality from the films that have formed a large part of his life ...

Tickets will have a price of € 6 for the Ordinary, € 4 for CineCiutat members and a price of € 2 for all those born in 2001 and who, as Millennium actress, turn 20 years old (it is essential to present their ID).

You can reserve the tickets in the following link.