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Ballet de Bolshoi: La Bayadére
Ballet de Bolshoi: La Bayadére
30 May 2021

Theater does not end at CineCiutat, although now we opt for an ancestor of his: dance.

From this month of May we will bring you one of the projections of the Bolshoi Ballet of the 2021 season per month.

Our first play will be on Sunday, May 30 at 7:00 p.m. and it will be La Bayadére:

After a hunt, the warrior Solor meets Nikiya, the dancer and guardian of the sacred fire to whom he has promised his eternal love. Hidden, the Great Brahman observes the scene, jealous of Solor.The Rajah announces that his daughter Gamzatti will marry Solor. Forced to accept, the young man is impressed by her beauty but does not forget the promise he made to Nikiya. Gamzatti hears that Solor and the priestess are in love and summons Nikiya to the palace for a dramatic confrontation.

Ticket prices will be as follows:

Standard: € 13.00

CineCiutat members: € 9.00

Less than 14 years: € 8.00

Students: € 10.00.

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