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Proyección + coloquio: 25 aniversario Buena Vista Social Club
Proyección + coloquio: 25 aniversario Buena Vista Social Club
26 March 2021

When we see something about Buena Vista Social Club, we all have a song that plays quickly in our brain; some even hum it out loud or sing it outright.

For Chan Chan, La Vereda, El cuarto de Tula that burned in flames and, since Friday 03-26-2021 marks 25 years since the wonderful documentary by Wim Wenders premiered in theaters of our country, we suggest you return to take a look at it with a very special screening.

We will have a subsequent discussion led by Miquel Àngel Sancho, music producer (
Produccions Blau), who produced the album Cuba le canta a Serrat.


When, in 1996, Ry Cooder traveled to Cuba to record an album with Ibrahim Ferrer and the musicians who had collaborated on the Buena Vista Social Club album (known in Cuba as the Super-grandparents), Wenders followed him: he observed the musicians in the study and tracked their lives in Havana. He then shot in Amsterdam, where the band gave two concerts and, finally, in New York, in a spectacular recital at the legendary Carnegie Hall.

The session will be at 7:15 p.m., tickets will cost € 6 for Ordinary and € 4 for CineCiutat members. You can reserve them in the following