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Buena suerte, Leo Grande
Sophie Hyde (2022)
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  • Title: Buena suerte, Leo Grande
  • Original Title: Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
  • Country: Reino Unido
  • Spanish release: 02/09/2022
  • Spanish distributor: Vértigo
  • Direction: Sophie Hyde
  • Script: Katy Brand
  • Cast: Emma Thompson, Daryl McCormack
  • Rating: NR16

Nancy Stokes, a retired schoolteacher, longs for some adventure and sex. Good sex. Her late husband Robert provided her with a home, a family and something resembling a life, but she never had good sex from him. Now that Robert is long dead, Nancy puts her plan into action and hires a young gigolo by the exotic name of "Leo Grande". In an anonymous hotel room, Nancy receives Leo. He looks as good as his picture, but what she didn't expect was a great conversation. Nancy discovers that he likes her. And he likes her. With great sexual confidence, Nancy begins to relax. Over the course of their encounter, the power dynamic shifts and the characters' masks will begin to crumble.