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El dulce sabor del éxito
Emanuele Giusto, Carlos Tejeda (2021)
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  • Title: El dulce sabor del éxito
  • Original Title: El dulce sabor del éxito
  • Country: España
  • Spanish release: 12/04/2024
  • Producer: Kantfish Producciones
  • Direction: Emanuele Giusto, Carlos Tejeda
  • Script: Emanuele Giusto
  • Cast: María Teresa Paniagua, Rossy de Palma, Fernando Savater, Plácido Domingo, Javier Sádaba, Alberto García-Alix, Matthieu Ricard, Martin Seligman, Nancy Etcoff, Victor Küppers, Pilar Albarracín, Daniel Bianco, Tania Evans, Miguel Ángel Velázquez, Enrique R. Del Portal, JPelirrojo
  • Rating: NR-12

Screening of the documentary El dulce sabor del éxito (The Sweet Taste of Success), with a presentation and followed by a debate and Q&A with its director, and also writer and journalist, Emanuele Giusto Kantfish. 

The documentary is a journey into the daily life of a charismatic and endearing 89-year-old woman who was very famous in her time. Her story inspires an emotional, joyful and intimate reflection on the concept of “success” in life. Her daily life is accompanied by unpublished and intimate interviews with renowned personalities of Spanish art and culture, such as Rossy de Palma or Alberto García-Alix, among many others.

We will talk about everyday life, sociability, attitude and positive psychology, old age, time, the importance of culture or death. All of them are fundamental ingredients for a necessary reflection on the concept of “success” in our time, a concept of “a thousand nuances and a little perverse.”

Original soundtrack composed by Antonio Lo Riso.

Total approximate duration of the event: 120 min.