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El padre
Florian Zeller (2020)
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  • Title: El padre
  • Original Title: The Father
  • Country: Reino Unido
  • Spanish release: 24/04/2021
  • Spanish distributor: ACONTRACORRIENTE
  • Director: Florian Zeller
  • Script: Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton
  • Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Imogen Poots, Rufus Sewell
  • Rating: NR7

Anthony, a scathing, somewhat mischievous 80-year-old man who has stubbornly decided to live alone, rejects each and every caregiver his daughter Anne tries to hire to help him around the house. Anne is desperate because she can no longer visit him daily and feels that her father's mind begins to fail and he becomes more and more disconnected from reality. Given the ebb and flow of his memories, how much of his own identity will he be able to recall over time? Anne suffers the gradual loss of her father as his mind deteriorates, but doesn't she have the right to live her own life too?