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Enrique Urbizu (2021)
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  • Title: Libertad
  • Original Title: Libertad
  • Spanish release: 26/03/2021
  • Spanish distributor: ACONTRACORRIENTE
  • Director: Enrique Urbizu
  • Script: Miguel Barros, Michel Gaztambide
  • Cast: Bebe, Isak Férriz, Xabier Deive, Jorge Suquet

Complementary theatrical film to the homonymous series by Enrique Urbizu for Movistar +, which follows a woman nicknamed La Llanera, who is released from prison after 17 years. During her confinement, she has been seated every year on the garrote vil and pardoned at the last moment. His son Juan was born in the cell and does not know his father, the famous bandit Lagartijo. Mother and son will try to live the freedom that for so many years has been denied them while they are persecuted by gangs of bandits and gunmen of the Governor. Lagartijo, Aceituno and the Governor are looking for La Llanera, but they are also looking for each other. In 19th century Spain there is no room for everyone, much less for traitors.