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Out! in short - Ficció
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  • Title: Out! in short - Ficció
  • Screening date: 21/09/2023

Short fiction films session. The jury votes for the best short fiction film.

Toilet. Luan Lamberty. 2'. Luxembourg, 2022. Toilet is an animated short film about the perspective of a non-binary person and the normalization of gender-neutral public bathrooms. Premiere in Spain.

Any Sunday. Eugenia Sampedro. 11'. Spain - Majorca, 2022. Júlia experiences emotional and sexual relationships very differently from Clara, her partner. This fact will generate doubts, make her realize that they no longer share the same lifestyle and, in addition, she will end up questioning her own relationship.

Tomboy. Cami Cruz Thomas. 10'. Panama - United States, 2022. A dramatic comedy bursting with humor when the daughter of a conservative couple accidentally reveals a big secret. The undeniable truth becomes the catalyst that transforms the rules and patterns of love within this Afro-Panamanian family. Premiere in Spain.

When I Come Back, in the Summer. Alberto Prados. 12'. Spain, 2023. 1987. Rubén is a ten-year-old boy who grows up playing cards in the village. He lives with his parents and his godmother, with whom he spends his free time. Rosa tries to let her grandson continue to be a child and not be aware of the dramatic situation that is happening at home and which is being talked about quietly. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.

Sentir (To Feel). Gavo Figueira. 11'. Mexico, 2023. A "normal" woman, trapped in sexual and emotional dissatisfaction, struggles to discover "what it really is to be a woman". Between a painful past, love, social paradigms, and a drastic decision that has no turning back. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.

Something Permanent. Ana de Alva. 10'. Spain, 2023. A bathroom is always a good place to have an important conversation; this is how Silvia and Lara do it. An almost adult conversation between two teenagers with love problems. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.

The Things I Told You. Marina Rueda. 9'. Spain - Majorca, 2023. Pau and Vicenç meet again in the cemetery five years after the death of the former's sister. They fulfill a promise together and confess the love they have hidden for years. World Premiere

God Save You. Noelia Fluxà, Julie-Estel Soard. 18'. Spain, 2022. Alicante, year 1939. In the last moments of the Civil War, air raid shelters housed stories like that of María, a young dreamer, and Carmen, with whom she maintains a close relationship in secret, full of clandestine meetings in the shelters. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.

The Dinner. Jesús Martínez "Note". 12'. Spain, 2023. There are topics that cannot wait for dessert. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.